19:03 GMT08 August 2020
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    French President Emmanuel Macron said in a newspaper column entitled "European renaissance" that "in this Europe", its citizens would take back control of their destiny, adding that Britain once again would find its place.

    Emmanuel Macron said in a newspaper column has proposed creation of a common frontier police and a European asylum office.

    Macron published an address to European citizens ahead of European elections. The address is divided into three chapters entitled "Defend our freedom," "Protect our continent" and "Recover the spirit of progress."

    READ MORE: Angry Brits Blamed Europe, Voted for Brexit, Ended Up With 'Rubbish' — Macron"The boundary is freedom in security. We therefore need to rethink the Schengen area: all those who want to be part of it should comply with obligations of responsibility (stringent border controls) and solidarity (one asylum policy with the same acceptance and refusal rules)," Macron said.

    "On the issue of migration, I believe in a Europe that protects both its values and its borders," he stressed.

    The migration crisis in Europe broke out four years ago after hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers started arriving in Europe from the Middle Eastern and North African countries, fleeing armed conflicts, natural disasters or looking for a better economic opportunities.

    Macron also called for a conference Europe to take place before year-end to propose necessary changes to European political project, saying there should be no taboos, including reviewing treaties.

    He also called for a European Defence and security to define obligations of EU countries in coordination with NATO.

    French president also said that the upcoming EU elections are decisive for a continent that is "in danger". He also proposed the establishment of European agency to protect democracies from electoral manipulations. He added that foreign powers should be banned from financing European political parties.

    "We need to reform our competition policy and reshape our trade policy with penalties or a ban in Europe on businesses that compromise our strategic interests and fundamental values such as environmental standards, data protection and fair payment of taxes," Macron said.

    The French leader also proposed to introduce European preferences in strategic sectors, "as our American and Chinese competitors do."


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