08:38 GMT29 May 2020
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    Last summer police officers monitoring social media were alerted to a video which went viral, showing a car apparently being deliberately driven into a group of people as a spectator shouted: "He's dead, he's dead!"

    Prosecutors say Michael Fasan, 28, was the man behind the wheel of that car, a grey Ford Focus, when it collided with people outside the Kosho nightclub in Romford, east London, in the early hours of 19 August.

    Fasan denies attempted murder, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.

    A jury at the Old Bailey in London has heard Fasan began hitting on two pretty girls, Maddie Brencyz and Antonia Saunders, as they emerged in black dresses from the club around 3am.

    Ms Brencyz rebuffed Fasan's advances, hinting she had a boyfriend but a few minutes later he approached her again as she stood with another friend, Aaron Josieh, the court heard. 

    The court was told Fasan asked her if he was her boyfriend and Mr Josieh replied: 'What's it got to do with you?"

    "This is my ends, bruv. This is my territory," Fasan reportedly told Mr Josieh. 

    ​Fasan then walked off with a friend.

    A few minutes later the Ford Focus emerged, mounting a pavement and hitting several pedestrians who were milling about outside the club.

    Mobile phone footage of the incident went viral after being posted on Snapchat and Twitter.

    "The car followed him (Mr Josieh) and hit him, possibly hitting him on the legs causing him to fall and the car drove over him. There were a number of other people in proximity to him at that point. One was Antonia Saunders. The car hit her full-on. She was thrown over the bonnet, sustaining cuts to her leg and arm and injuries to her leg and back," said prosecutor Michelle Nelson, opening the case on Wednesday, 13 February.

    "It was sheer good fortune that no-one was killed and that Aaron Josieh and Antonia Saunders sustained somewhat limited injuries," she said.

    Witness in Pyjamas

    On Thursday, 14 February, a woman who lived near the scene gave evidence about what she saw on the night.

    Laura Jones, who gave evidence from behind a curtain to conceal her identity, told the court that when police and paramedics arrived at the scene she came out in her pyjamas to tell them she "saw everything".

    But Fasan's lawyer asked her if she had actually seen the car hit anyone.

    "I saw him drive at people…I think so. It was dark. He was definitely going for people," Ms Jones told the court.

    She was then asked about her statement, in which she said the car reversed several times and then drove at people.

    Fasan's lawyer said this did not tally with what was shown on the mobile phone clip.

    Ms Jones admitted she had watched the clip on social media several times but denied it altered her recollection of the incident.

    "In your statement you said you thought the incident lasted for five minutes in total. We know it was actually less than 20 seconds. That is not a criticism," said counsel for Fasan.  

    Fasan denies being the driver of the Focus.

    The trial continues.


    'He's Dead!' Driver Runs Over People in London (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
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