12:45 GMT09 May 2021
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    Anonymous Exposes UK Hybrid Warfare Project (36)

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Hacktivist group Anonymous published late on Thursday a new batch of documents with more details on UK Integrity Initiative covert operation to influence allies and target Russia, namely with some new information about Integrity Initiative's Institute for Statecraft head, Christopher Donnelly.

    According to the hacktivists, Donelly masterminded the establishment of the British Armed Forces' 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade's Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI) and recruited staff there.

    "He has so far managed to recruit quite a number of outstanding UK nationals who rose to certain heights, and he involves them in his villainous schemes to push the West to war with Russia and China," Anonymous said.

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    Anonymous specified that a range of civil experts in intelligence had been recruited to the SGMI as reservists.

    The hacktivist group released a list of people recruited by Donnelly. The list is comprised of 51 people, and their names, surnames, email addresses, and phone numbers have been disclosed, while in the case with some of them, the information about their activities has also been provided.

    Alex Finnen, a high-ranking employee at the Institute for Statecraft, is included in the list. Anonymous claims that he has also been engaged in recruiting and qualifies him as Donnelly's 'fellow'.

    "It’s highly unlikely that people from the list know what illegal network they are a part of. There’s also little hope that they are aware of the goals they are being used to achieve and the methods of achieving them," Anonymous said.

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    Donnelly has already been mentioned in Anonymous' previous publications, with the group claiming that he has been lobbying for an investigation into alleged "Russian threat" and also invited Integrity Initiative members to testify in parliament.

    Anonymous believes that the United Kingdom can use the Institute for Statecraft for meddling in European domestic affairs and also waging information war against Russia.

    Russia has repeatedly refuted all accusations of meddling in other state's affairs and spreading disinformation.

    The UK Foreign Office has already recognized some of the documents revealed by Anonymous as credible.

    Anonymous Exposes UK Hybrid Warfare Project (36)


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