00:21 GMT30 October 2020
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    Prominent Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, who left UKIP a month ago, has recently applied to register a party with the Electoral Commission that will be ready to "fight any snap general election or the local elections across England in May", The Guardian reported citing the party's former economics spokeswoman.

    UKIP's former economics spokeswoman Catherine Blaiklock, has confirmed that the former UKIP leader stated he supported the Brexit party after being sounded out as its potential leader, The Guardian reported.

    "There is huge demand for a party that’s got real clarity on this issue. You can see and hear the frustration welling up out there. It’s clear the political elite want to stop Brexit in its tracks and the prime minister doesn’t have the strength or inclination to see this through. I've been watching events with growing dismay — I'm not the only one. Now we are putting them on notice that if Brexit doesn't happen on 29 March we are not prepared to stand by and do nothing", Nigel Farage told journalists.

    When asked about the future of the United Kingdom Independence Party that he once led, he said it was "unsalvageable" so he would need a different "vehicle".

    "If the government goes back on its word and betrays the millions of people who voted for Brexit then we need a party prepared to stand up and fight for it. I'm fully prepared for article 50 to be extended or revoked and if that happens, I will re-enter the fray", Farage said.

    According to Nigel Farage, UK PM May should have stepped down after she failed to propose an acceptable Brexit agreement and experienced a crushing defeat in parliament.

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    In recent weeks, UKIP has experienced the mass resignation of more than a dozen senior party figures, most of whom have resigned in protest to the anti-Islam focus under its leader, Gerard Batten.

    Nigel Farage announced in December he was leaving the UK Independence Party (UKIP) that he once led over discontent with the direction it was going and its handling of Brexit.

    UK citizens chose to withdraw from the European Union in June 2016. However, since the beginning of negotiations with Brussels on the divorce conditions, anti-Brexit sentiments and calls for a second referendum have been gaining momentum in the country.


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