15:43 GMT14 June 2021
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    The intruder firmly insisted that he has plenty of respect for Her Majesty and the monarchy in general as they make "money for the national purse”, adding that he never meant the royals any harm.

    Michael Fagan, the man who managed to break into Buckingham Palace at night and stumbled upon the Queen herself, has revealed a number of intriguing details about the incident, including the contents of the palace’s pantry.

    Despite initial reports, which were “never denied by the palace”, claiming that the man sat on the Queen’s bed and conversed with her, Fagan said he did no such thing as Her Majesty woke the moment he peeled back the curtains around her bed.

    "I didn’t know what I wanted to ask her and when I got there I was just shaking and so shocked. I didn’t know why I was there. But she’s a human being like anyone else. She’s not accessible, just once a year at Christmas talking about the Commonwealth which doesn’t mean much to most people," Fagan explained in an interview with the Islington Gazette.

    "She said 'Just one minute, I will get someone' and ran out of the room.”

    Commenting on official reports about the incident, he remarked that security probably shouldn’t have specified in which part of the palace he was apprehended as "it would have saved a lot of embarrassment".

    "Someone [a footman] said you look like you need a drink so they took me out of the room into the pantry and poured me whisky form the Queen’s cupboard. It was Famous Grouse, I was shocked," he confided.

    While Fagan was brought to court, he was not charged with trespassing because as it would’ve resulted in the Queen appearing as a witness.

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    He was, however, charged with stealing “a quantity of wine”, an act which occurred two nights prior when he managed to slip into the palace through an unlocked upper story window, though the court found him not guilty.

    "I sat on the thrones like Goldilocks and the three bears. I went into the private secretaries’ room. And there was a bottle of wine for Prince Charles. I was thirsty so I drank it and it tasted like nectar. I left [undetected] and I couldn’t believe I had been in there," Fagan reminisced.

    He nevertheless insisted that he’s got “a lot of respect for the Queen and the monarchy because it makes money for the national purse” and that he “never had any malicious intentions”.


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