12:07 GMT18 September 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - John Bercow may become the first speaker of the UK House of Commons in 230 years to be denied a seat in the House of Lords after he resigns, as punishment for his allegedly biased anti-Brexit ruling during the recent parliamentary debates on the divorce deal, The Times reported, citing sources in the ruling Conservative Party.

    "It's a good job that peerage nominations are in our gift — I'm sure we’ll be thinking carefully about which individuals we would choose to elevate to the House of Lords. I can't imagine we would look favourably on those who've cheated centuries of procedure," a source in the cabinet told the outlet.

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    Bercow faced backlash from some Conservatives following debates on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal last week, after he decided to allow lawmakers pass an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Act, breaking a long-standing precedent that states the government's business motion could not be amended. The speaker later justified his decision by saying that if the parliament always acted based on precedents, nothing would ever change.

    The amendment, introduced by Conservative parliamentarian Dominic Grieve, obliged the head of the government to present a new Brexit plan within three working days, instead of 21, if her initial divorce deal was rejected by the parliament.

    According to a centuries-old tradition, former UK house speakers automatically become lords after securing the approval of the queen and the prime minister, something that is usually nothing more than a formality. But Bercow may not be granted the same honor as some cabinet members intend to block his nomination.

    The Brexit deal was indeed trashed by the UK parliament on Wednesday where it was rejected by a 230-vote margin. Following the devastating defeat, May confirmed that she intended to present her "Plan B" on January 21, in line with the Grieve amendment.


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