11:28 GMT +323 January 2020
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    For a long time, the elderly Italian has been going to prostitutes openly. Rimini police noticed him long ago, but never stopped him because the man was considered too old to be a client of prostitutes in Rimini. In fact, the 85-year-old resident of Pesaro province travelled to the seaside resort almost daily to entertain himself.

    The man had actually become one of the most frequent visitors to Rimini's 'Red-light district'. Last week, however, the traffic police caught him red-handed when they noticed his car parked near the waterfront and discovered him and a prostitute inside.

    The Italian wasn't at all embarrassed; he submitted his documents without inventing justifications and quietly agreed to pay a hefty fine. Faced with the prospect of paying a thousand euros, however, the 85-year-old said that "it's a lot of money for a pensioner" like him. However, given the man's age, the police decided not to build a criminal case against the Italian.

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    The girl discovered in the company of the elderly gentleman tried to escape the consequences:

    "We weren't doing anything special. At his age, he does what he can…" she said.

    Il Resto del Carlino reported that clients of prostitutes in Rimini have already been slapped with several fines. In most cases, according to local police, these fines are paid immediately and without objection, as the cars used are often registered to their wives or partners.

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