19:38 GMT17 June 2021
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    Senior British ministers are reportedly urging British Prime Minister Theresa May to ask her rival – leader of the opposition Labour party and socialist Jeremy Corbyn - for help if Parliament kills her Brexit deal in a vote.

    A group of mainly pro-European ministers want May to invite Corbyn for negotiations in order to help compose a joint plan, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

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    May will ask Parliament to approve the plan she negotiated with the European Union on 15 January. However, her Conservative party does not have an overall majority in the House of Commons and a section of her own party strongly disapproves of the deal she’s struck with the EU and have decided to oppose it. The Prime Minister has already attempted to play for time and postponed the crucial vote by a month. However, the delay seems to have failed to meet May’s expectations.

    If the Parliament won’t agree to May’s terms, Britain might be tracking towards a chaotic no-deal Brexit. According to an official analysis, leaving the EU without a deal on 29 March could lead to the fall of the pound by as much as 25 percent and hit house prices by as much as 30 percent, resulting in a possible recession.

    However, six Cabinet ministers and two other ministers want May to find the votes she needs to get her exit deal through Parliament from the official opposition Labour party. Two ministers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said May should make a formal direct approach to Corbyn himself.

    The possibility of an appeal to the Labour party leader is high because if May does not do so herself, then individual members of Parliament will ask for Corbyn’s help for her, a Conservative party member told Bloomberg.

    Earlier this week May, who had been refraining from working with the opposition on a Brexit deal throughout the negotiation process, reportedly held meetings with some junior Labour politicians and with a cross-party group. However, it remains unclear whether Corbyn would agree to work with May or will continue to push for a general election even if that risks economic ruin and job insecurity – key points for his own party.

    MPs dealt the May Cabinet its first major defeat on Tuesday evening over finance spending after voting 303 to 296 in favour of the Cooper Amendment, which curbs government tax powers if the UK government leaves the EU without parliamentary approval. Cross-party support was given for the amendment after twenty Tory MPs, including former Cabinet ministers, rebelled against Prime Minister's Brexit deal.


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