11:45 GMT26 October 2020
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    British politicians have returned after their Christmas break and fresh commentary on one of the most significant votes of 2019 has come back with them. In his latest article, staunch Brexiteer Boris Johnson, has launched a fresh attack against Theresa May's Brexit deal.

    Former Cabinet minister, Johnson argued the exit scenario delivered by Theresa May's withdrawal agreement doesn't have anyone's support and warned that the British public "won't be scared" into backing it.

    In his weekly column, Mr. Johnson said that a no-deal Brexit is "perhaps, that this option is closest to what people actually voted for".

    "It is no deal, or WTO terms, that actually corresponds to their idea of coming out. And they view that option with a confidence that is now directly proportional to the growing strength of the Government's warnings against it because these doom-laden predictions are so hyperbolical as to suffer from the law of diminishing returns," he argued.

    Johnson's comments were discussed online, as he shared his new article via his Twitter page.

    The vote on the current Brexit deal proposed by May's government is reportedly to take place on 15 January, with the formal debate kicking off in parliament on 9 January.

    The PM hasn't ruled out the possibility of numerous votes on the deal, as rumours in the press suggest a Downing Street source saying:

    "If we have to have the vote 30 times, we will."

    However, according to May's former Foreign Minister and clean exit proponent, Boris Johnson, the PM's crusade to pass her "lamentable" Brexit deal and the government's "grim" warnings against opposition won't work.

    "Far from terrifying the public into accepting the Prime Minister's deal, these threats are increasing a determination to reject it," he said.

    "When 17.4 million chose to leave the EU, they didn't vote to stay locked in the customs union or the single market. There was no suggestion that we would pay £39 billion for nothing, without even a sniff of a trade deal with Brussels," Mr. Johnson added.


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