05:12 GMT26 February 2021
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    UK Prime Minister Theresa May will reveal to members of parliament what progress has been made so far in Brexit talks with top EU officials amid her failure to secure further concessions at a European Council summit in Brussels.

    The speech comes after Theresa May last week postponed an important parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal, admitting that the document had little chance of being adopted. Following the move, she instead headed to an EU summit to discuss the "clear concerns" of MPs about her deal's so-called backstop arrangement.

    The vote is now scheduled to take place "before January 21."

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    • 15:50

      Corbyn Condemns May, Says "Responsible PM Would Have Put This Deal Before Parl't This Week"

      UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned the prime minister stating that if Theresa May were responsible, she would have put the deal before the parliament this week.

      "A responsible prime minister would, for the good of this country, put this deal before the House this week, so we could move on from this government's disastrous negotiations," Corbyn said.

      He also stressed that the postponement of the vote on Brexit in the parliament had no logical reason. 

    • 15:46

      Corbyn: May 'Achieved Nothing', 'Led UK to National Crisis'

      UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corby stated Theresa May achieved nothing and actually led the UK to "national crisis" despite claiming that she made some progress.

      He also stressed that Theresa May failed to get any meaningful reassurances from the EU leaders and hasn't renegotiated "a single word" of the deal. 

    • 15:43

      May Postponed Vote on Brexit Deal, to Be Held Week of Jan 14

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday she was planning to resume debate on Brexit deal in the parliament in the week starting January 7 and to hold the vote in the third week of the month.

      "Many members of this house are concerned that we need to take a decision soon," May told lawmakers in the House of Commons. "We intend to return to the 'Meaningful Vote' debate in the week commencing seventh of January, and hold the vote the following week."

      Last week, May said she was postponing the vote, originally scheduled for December 11, amid UK lawmakers' concerns over the Irish border backstop. The prime minister said she would seek further reassurances from EU colleagues.

    • 15:41

      May: Tomorrow Gov't Will Discuss Possibility of No-Deal Brexit

      Theresa May stated that the government has to be ready for a no-deal Brexit scenario and tomorrow the parliament will address the issue. 

    • 15:36

      UK PM May: "I Faithfully and Firmly Reflected Concerns of Parl't Over Irish Backstop to EU"

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated that during discussions with the EU leaders she "faithfully and firmly reflected concerns of parliament over Irish backstop."

      She also noted that the backstop was not her solution and it "can't be in place indefinitely". 

      Commenting on her negotiations with top EU officials, she stated that some exchanges were "robust", however, she made "no apology for standing up for the UK's interests".

    • 15:07

      Corbyn to Call for No Confidence Vote if PM May Fails to Name Date for Parl't Vote on Brexit - Source

      Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will call for a no-confidence vote if Theresa May fails to name a date for a parliament vote on the Brexit agreement, a source in Labour party confirmed. 


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