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    Numerous media outlets, including the BBC and the Financial Times, reported on Monday that British Prime Minister Theresa May had decided to call off the crucial vote on Brexit, set for Tuesday, December 11, hours before parliamentarians were expected to discuss the agreement.

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May is set to address the Parliament on Brexit amid reports that a crucial vote on her EU divorce deal will be postponed.

    The House of Commons Speaker's office has said that the prime minister will deliver the previously unscheduled speech at about 3.30 p.m. (10.30 a.m. EST).

    The news comes as media reports on Monday suggested that British Prime Minister Theresa May would call a meeting of ministers at No. 10 on the Meaningful Vote.


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    • 21:10

      UK Government Formally Delays Vote on Brexit Deal

      UK government took a formal step to delay a planned vote in parliament on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal.

    • 18:34

      Tusk: EU Brexit-Related Meeting Aimed at Assisting Brexit Deal Ratification in UK, Not at Changing the Deal

    • 17:06

      UK Has no Plans to Extend Article 50 - Spokesman for British PM Theresa May

      According to a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May, the government is not going to extend Article 50.

    • 17:04

      EU Top Official: No Special Brexit Session Planned Tuesday

      European affairs ministers who are scheduled to meet in Brussels on Tuesday to carry out preparations for a top-level summit later in the week will not gather for a special meeting on Brexit deal, a top EU official stated Monday.

    • 16:37

      Theresa May: UK Gov't is Committed to Leave EU on March 29

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday the British government is committed to withdraw from the European Union on March 29.  

    • 16:11

      British Pound Continues to Drop Amid Reports About Brexit Vote Delay

      The British currency continues to show bearish trend on Monday after reports that Theresa May has delayed a crucial Brexit vote. 

      This comes after earlier Monday reports that the pound saw a major drop to its lowest in 18 months. 

      The stability of the UK currency has suffered through the course of Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union, with drops registered at moments of an increased likelihood of a no-deal scenario or a dead-end in talks.

    • 16:09

      Theresa May: UK Stepping Up Preparations for No-Deal Brexit

      Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday that the UK government was stepping up preparations for a no-deal Brexit. 

      "For as long as we fail to agree a deal, the risk of an accidental no deal increases. So the government will step up its work in preparation for that potential outcome," May told the members of parliament.

    • 15:55

      UK Labour Party Leader Corbyn: British Gov't Lost Control of Brexit Situation

      The UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said Monday that the British government was in total 'disarray' and lost control of the events following Theresa May's meaningful vote delay announced earlier in the day. 

      He also stressed that Theresa May should 'make way' for Labour party if she couldn't renegotiate the Brexit deal.

    • 15:50

      UK PM Theresa May: Northern Ireland Does Not Want 'Hard Border'

    • 15:39

      Theresa May: Irish Backstop is Uncomfortable for EU

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday she would discuss the Brexit deal with her counterparts representing the EU amid the anxieties expressed by the UK House of Commons over the Irish border. 

      The top official further stressed that she would take all possible measures to guarantee further assurance on the so-called Irish backstop.

    • 15:29

      Theresa May Informed MPs About Vote Delay, Stressed She Won't Drop Her Brexit Deal

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May has informed other members of parliament that the vote was being pulled, stressing that she was not intending to drop her Brexit deal, The Times reporter said. 

    • 14:12

      UK Heathrow Airport to Offer Financial Assistance to European Workers After Brexit - CEO

      London's Heathrow international airport will offer financial assistance to thousands of its European workers in order to try to secure their stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit, John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow's chief executive, told the Sky News broadcaster on Monday.

      Heathrow will provide hundreds of thousands of pounds to its "valued" European workers in order to help them apply for a settled status, which would enable them to continue working in the United Kingdom, Holland-Kaye said, specifying that up to 2,600 people could make applications.

      "They provide a hugely important role for an international business like ours in giving us a range of languages and a range of different cultural insights ... We're the UK's biggest port and we're expanding and, as we leave the EU, ironically we now really need those international people working here to make a success of that," Holland-Kaye said.

      He voiced his belief that Heathrow, as a responsible employer, needed not just to protect its staff but also encourage other companies to follow suit.

      Holland-Kaye is concerned that air freight will not be able to fully solve the problem of potential delays in trade across the Irish border after Brexit.

      He emphasized that UK businesses needed certainty amid the looming Brexit in order to plan the transition period and ensure a successful withdrawal.


    • 13:40

      Theresa May to Return to Brussels for Brexit Discussions - Junior Minister

      British Prime Minister Theresa May will go to Brussels for new talks on the Irish backstop element of her Brexit deal with the European Union, a junior minister Nadhim Zahawi said Monday.

    • 13:36

      Nicola Sturgeon: SNP Lawmakers in Westminster to Support Any Labour Motion of No-Confidence in UK Gov't

    • 13:01

      Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon: Delay of UK Vote is an Act of 'Pathetic Cowardice' by Government

    • 12:53

      British Currency Drops Amid Reports of PM Theresa May Pulling Brexit Vote

      British pounds

      Pound Sterling Drops Amid Reports of British PM Delaying Brexit Parliament Vote

      Sterling has been reported to plummet 0.5% against the US dollar, as the British media reported Theresa May holding an emergency conference call with her Cabinet on December 10.
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    • 12:47

      British Prime Minister Has Reportedly Decided to Pull Parliament Vote on Brexit Deal

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May

      UK PM May Has Decided to Pull Parliament Vote on Brexit Deal - Reports

      Earlier on Monday, UK Environment Minister Michael Gove said that the vote on the Brexit deal would go ahead in parliament on Tuesday.
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    • 12:46

      ‘This is the Deal. It's Mine. My Own. My Brexit!’ Gollum Actor Andy Serkis Parodies Theresa May

      LEAKED: Footage From Inside No. 10 Downing Street!

      'Stupid, Tricksy Remainers': Gollum Actor Trolls PM May Ahead of Brexit Vote

      Andy Serkis, the English actor who played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has shared a brilliant yet extremely unsettling parody of Prime Minister Theresa May and her besieged Brexit deal.
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    • 12:42

      'We Are Prepared for All Scenarios' - Spokeswoman for the European Commission

      "We have an agreement on the table," she said, recalling a position expressed by President Jean-Claude Juncker. "We will not renegotiate."

      Westminster, London

      EU Spokeswoman on Brexit: We Will Not Renegotiate the Deal

      Earlier in the day, the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) said in a press release that the United Kingdom can unilaterally revoke its notification of withdrawal from the European Union.
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    • 12:40

      Brexit Deal Will Go Ahead in Parliament on Tuesday - Gove

      Anti-Brexit demonstrators protest outside Parliament as British PM Theresa May was attending Prime Minister's questions in London, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018

      We Don't Want to Stay in the EU - Michael Gove on ECJ Article 50 Ruling

      The European Court of Justice ruled on Monday that Britain could halt Brexit without the approval of EU member states, saying "that a member state is free to revoke unilaterally that notification".
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