12:13 GMT08 April 2020
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    The British prime minister's Brexit plan has been agreed upon with the European Union but is facing opposition from UK politicians several days before the final vote, raising the risk of Britain rushing out of the bloc without a deal and experiencing economic troubles.

    On Wednesday, Theresa May addressed questions from parliamentarians in the House of Commons. The questions occur on the second of an expected five-day debate on the Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU, before the Commons vote on 11th of  December.


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      Withdrawal Agreement is Complete, Dangerous to Re-Open Negotiations - May's Spokesman

      According to the prime minister's spokesman, May will hold more meetings with lawmakers during the week in order to support her deal in parliament.

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      No-Deal Scenario is Possible, Only Way to Evade it for Sure is to Accept Current Brexit Deal - May

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      Northern Ireland to Remain in EU Customs Union Under Backstop Deal - UK Gov't Legal Advice

      "NI [Northern Ireland] remains in the EU's Customs Union, and will apply the whole of the EU's customs acquis, and the Commission and the CJEU [Court of Justice of the European Union] will continue to have jurisdiction over its compliance with those rules, which means goods can pass from NI to Ireland without any fiscal checks", the document said.

      Commenting on the issue, May stated that the backstop was not attractive for the EU for a number of reasons.

      "First of all, because in that backstop, we won’t be making any financial obligation to the European Union, we will not be accepting free movement and there will be very light-touch level playing field requirements”, the Prime Minister said.


      A poster featuring a Brexit vote ballot

      'Worst Possible Outcome': Brexit Deal Would Make EU Rule Taker - UK Politician

      British Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing to defend her Chequers Brexit plan in the House of Commons ahead of a vote on whether to proceed with the proposals next week? Is there any chance that it could be approved?
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      UK Gov't Brexit Legal Advice Warns Country Could Become Subject to Protracted Talks

      The United Kingdom risks becoming trapped in "repeating rounds" of Brexit negotiations unless London and Brussels agree on a satisfactory arrangement, the government's legal advice read on Wednesday.

      "In the absence of a right of termination, there is a legal risk that the United Kingdom might become subject to protracted a repeating rounds of negotiations," the government's legal advice read, adding that the risk "must be weighed against the political and economic imperative on both sides to reach an agreement that constitutes a politically stable and permanent basis for their future relationship".

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      May Once More Refuses to Revoke Article 50

      European Union flag and UK flag are seen on the front page of document reading article 50 - European Council before the special meeting of the European Council to endorse the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement and to approve the draft political declaration on future EU-UK relations on November 25, 2018 in Brussels

      UK Can Revoke Brexit Article 50 Unilaterally - Top EU Court's Advocate General

      Last week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesperson said that the government wouldn't be revoking the Article 50 notice that triggered the Brexit process.
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      May's Deal Denies Scotland Rights and Opportunities Offered to Other Parts of UK - SNP MP

      According to the Scottish National Party MP Ian Blackford, the agreement hurts the Scottish economy. In response, Prime Minister May stated that "remaining in the internal market of the UK is the most important economic interest" for Scotland.

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      Theresa May Claims Government Hasn't Concealed Any Facts on Brexit Deal

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      WATCH LIVE: PM May Questioned in Parliament Amid Brexit Deal Discussion


      PM May Fielded Questions in Parliament Amid Brexit Deal Discussion

      British Prime Minister Theresa May faced members of Parliament Wednesday in order to address their questions during the second of an expected five-day debate on the Brexit agreement.
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      UK Lawmakers Furious as Legal Advice on Brexit Deal Reveals the 'Unthinkable'

      People walk over Westminster Bridge wrapped in Union flags, towards the Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and The Houses of Parliament in central London on June 26, 2016

      Legal Advice on Brexit Deal Reveals the 'Unthinkable,' Leaving MPs Furious

      No wonder the UK government tried to hide the Legal Advice on the withdrawal agreement provisions, said the Deputy Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) as details on the realities of the backstop have been made available to the parliamentarians.
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    PM May Fielded Questions in Parliament Amid Brexit Deal Discussion
    Legal Advice on Brexit Deal Reveals the 'Unthinkable,' Leaving MPs Furious
    There's Real Danger UK Parl't Will Try to Steal Brexit From People - UK Minister
    'Worst Possible Outcome': Brexit Deal Would Make EU Rule Taker - UK Politician
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