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    'No Lady Behaves Like That': 3 Trans Women, Young Mother Violently Stamp on Man

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    It is unclear why three trans women and their mother-of-four friend violently attacked a man. The video footage showed the group stamp on their victims before the underground staff attempted to hold them back.

    A group of transgender women rushed back to kick and hurt the man lying on the ground and had to be pulled off his body by members of the Transport for London (TfL) workers.

    The three transgender women — Tylah-Jo Bryan, Amarnih Lewis-Daniel and Michael O'Doherty — who goes by the name Tamzin Lush — assaulted the man first. Their friend Hannah Bryan, 22, also joined in the attack.

    Following the news of the attack, reactions poured in on social media.

    The four attackers are to be sentenced at Blackfriars crown court for the caused offence, which was so serious, according to Westminster magistrate Kirsty Walker, that it could not be dealt with at the court.

    Incidents of street violence in Britain go increasingly unattended by police forces, due to lack of funding. According to a recent report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, police forces cannot do everything and are prioritizing their work by cutting back in some areas, such as neighborhood policing, meaning fewer officers on the street.

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