18:41 GMT25 January 2021
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    Theresa May answered questions on Brexit as part of her visit to the EU summit in Brussels, when she told the reporters she was convinced a good deal will be secured in the interests of UK and EU.

    Responding to a reporter's question, British PM commented on the impression she's had from the EU leaders since she arrived to Brussels.

    "There is a very real sense that people want a deal to be done. If you look to some of the comments made, Chancellor Merkel said 'where there is a will, there is normally a way.' Jean-Claude Juncker said 'let's focus on large areas of agreement and it will be done.' There is a real that what we are doing is working to ensure we can do this deal within that reasonable timetable," Theresa May said during a press conference on Thursday. 

    Following Brexit talks on Wednesday, it was rumored Mrs. May and the EU leaders were considering extending the Brexit "transitional period." In essence, if implemented, the decision would see UK remain in the EU single market and customs union and subject to the bloc's rules as late as the end of 2021.

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    Prior to Mrs. May's press conference, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk told journalists that the EU 27 haven't actually discussed the length of the Brexit "transitional period" during talks on Wednesday.

    However, he recalled, the EU leaders accepted anonymously the UK proposal on extension of the transition period of "around 2 years" voiced during Theresa May's 2017 Florence speech. He added the EU leaders would be ready to consider this proposal in a positive way.

    "I stand ready to convene a European Council on Brexit if and when the EU negotiator reports that this size of progress has been made. We should be clear that for now — not enough profess has been made," Donald Tusk said. 

    President of the European Commission Jean-Claude, who shared the stage with Donald Tusk, told the gathered audience that extending the transition period was a good but "not the best idea."

    "No deal would be dangerous for Britain and for European Union," Mr. Juncker added. 

    On the extension of the implementation period, Mrs. May told the journalists that it "could be a further solution to this issue of a backstop in Northern Ireland."

    The backstop proposed by the European Union would see Northern Ireland staying in the EU customs union, large parts of the single market and the EU VAT system. Theresa May has previously called for a UK-wide backstop but has also stressed that a backstop solution can only be a temporary one. 

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