16:23 GMT24 November 2020
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    The continued deadlock in Brexit negotiations after the midweek summit couldn’t stop key negotiators, Angela Merkel, Xavier Bettel and Emmanuel Macron, from chatting over a pint of Belgian beer. The Twitterati meanwhile instantly noticed that Theresa May, the main Brexit proponent, was missing.

    A number of EU leaders, who partook in the Brexit talks on Tuesday, went out Wednesday night to drink beer in one of Brussels’ historic restaurants, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel told journalists.

    “Yes, it was very good, there were chips and beer, since we are in Brussels, it was nice,” the premier said responding to the journalists’ questions if the leaders really had a beer together after the negotiations.

    “It is simply very important to have such an opportunity for communication after talks, as human relationships are at times crucial,” he said after having been asked if this gathering meant that the leaders had raised glasses of champagne to Brexit.

    Twitter quickly picked up on the news, with users speculating about the issues the high-profile negotiators could have been discussing. Some suggested it was undoubtedly “the backstop:”

    One suggested there was “no panic” then, since the leaders dined together, unable to resist the temptation of a pint of beer:

    Another user, having looked through the pictures circulating on the Internet, took note of Theresa May’s absence, suggesting tongue-in-cheek that she “may be emptying the mini bar at her hotel watching a repeat of Dad’s Army:”

    Meanwhile, another one butted in claiming President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker could have been hanging out there “all day:”

    The leaders of 27 members of the bloc noted that the two-day summit dedicated to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union had yielded little progress, an informed source in the European Union told Sputnik. Media reported that British Prime Minister Theresa May had left the Brexit talks in Brussels without saying a word to the press. The talks are to continue in the near future, but no exact date has been set. Meanwhile, it is assumed that the transition period may be further prolonged.

    Britain’s exit from the European bloc is formally slated for March 29, 2019. Provided that a comprehensive deal is clinched over the Brexit conditions, the transition period in EU-Britain relations is slated to last 21 months, until early 2021.


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