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    No-Deal Brexit May Lead to Welsh Independence - Welsh National Party Leader

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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Adam Price, the newly elected leader of the Welsh national social-democratic party Plaid Cymru, believes that a no-deal Brexit would increase the chances of Wales seeking independence from the United Kingdom.

    In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Price said that since the country was facing its "dying days," Plaid Cymru aimed at turning Wales "upside down" and creating a "massive change" in its future, since every crisis presented opportunities.

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    "A cliff-edge, cataclysmic, hard Brexit would be incredibly destructive to the people of Wales. It’s being promoted by people who do not care what happens to our communities… We’re left with this situation where we could see the unraveling of the Welsh economy at a 1930s scale. We should take every opportunity there is to stop this madness. The means to do this is taking it back to the people," Price said.

    He added that he did not want Welsh independence for its own sake, but for the purpose of a better future.

    “People’s minds are open, possibly in a way that they haven’t been for many, many years. People are listening, looking out for a new direction and it’s our job to present them with that… Ultimately the only sustainable solution is independence, only through having our hands on the levers of that power will we be able to deliver back the kind of society people want," Price said.

    The European Union and The United Kingdom have less than six months to reach an agreement on Brexit before the latter is scheduled to withdraw from the bloc. However, the existing differences create a risk of a no-deal Brexit at the March 29, 2019 deadline.


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