12:59 GMT16 January 2021
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    A 17-year-old British student claims her college, which itself praises "individual liberty," has discriminated against her because of her political views. She allegedly said she admired right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, after which she was kicked out class and received a "final warning."

    Alissa Cook-Gray, 17, has decided to leave her college course after she voiced support for controversial campaigner Tommy Robinson.

    She got involved in a political debate that erupted among students on the first day of her art and employability course at Total People college in the English town of Crewe. People in the class were discussing the political figures they admired, when the name of the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn came up.

    "I was given a final warning for being too right wing. It was the first day and we were all having a conversation when Jeremy Corbyn came up, I asked people not to get into it because it was filled with a room of lefties."

    According to Alissa, when asked about her favorite person, she expressed her liking for the right-wing activist Tommy Robinson. A teacher then told her: "Get out, we don't want people with your views."

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    She believes the college has discriminated against her because of her political opinions. "My mind is blown by it all," she said, adding that she was so "terrified" she decided not to go back.

    Total People upholds "British values of democracy, rule of law, respect and tolerance and individual liberty," a spokesperson for the organization told The Daily Mirror, adding that they "respect each other's views and work towards common goals."

    Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, came to nationwide attention in the UK in 2009, when he founded the English Defence League (EDL), a right-wing activist group that has drawn criticism for its vocal anti-Islamic stance.

    Robinson quit the group in October 2013, claiming that the EDL-led street marches and demonstrations were "no longer productive."

    This May, he was arrested for causing a breach of the peace while live-streaming outside a criminal trial in violation of reporting restrictions; the 35-year-old has since been freed from prison after winning an appeal to the case.

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