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    Finnish Intel to Get Access to Citizens' Private Communications Soon - Ministry

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    HELSINKI (Sputnik) - The access of Finnish intelligence services to citizens' private communications will be eased after October 15 in cases related to national security threats, the country's Justice Ministry said on Thursday.

    "Under the Constitution, the secrecy of correspondence, telephony and other confidential communications are inviolable. Under a new subsection to be added to the Constitution, provisions concerning limitations to the secrecy of communications that are necessary in the investigation of crimes that jeopardize the security of the individual or society or the sanctity of the home, at trials and security checks, during deprivation of liberty, and for the purpose of gathering intelligence on military operations or other such activities that pose a serious threat to national security may be laid down by an act," the ministry said.

    The statement was made after on Wednesday, the Finnish parliament adopted an amendment to the constitution related to access to citizens' private communications. These changes, approved by 178 lawmakers out of 191, are needed to adopt a bill on intelligence activity.

    "Activities that pose a serious threat to national security refer to activities that threaten the law and order of democratic society, basic functions of society, life or health of a large number of people, or international peace and security. However, it is required that the activities are connected with Finland and specifically threaten the national security of Finland," the ministry added.

    The Finnish president is to approve the amendment so that will enter into force on October 15.

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