09:38 GMT09 July 2020
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    Just a short while after the landmark ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Turin venue of a most salacious nature was closed down, with authorities citing “complaints for failure to communicate” and hygiene issues. However, the owner says that there is no legal basis behind the claims and that the lucrative business is there to thrive at an enormous pace.

    The owner of a Turin sex doll brothel that came under a police check-up, with its operations suspended less than two weeks after its much debated opening, has rejected “false” claims about the business and pledged to “resume” operations soon, according to a Daily Star report.

    The brothel was established under the famous Lumidolls franchise in Turin covertly and opened its doors to the first batch of clients on September 3; however, reports shortly emerged of the brothel being closed down on Tuesday by the city council and local police on insufficient hygiene grounds. Separately, a new venue at a secret address has been accused of violating landlord laws, none of which was affirmed by the company’s management.

    Lumidolls, which already has two venues around the world, namely in Moscow and Barcelona, provides customers with opportunities to “fulfil their wildest sexual desires,” with a price tag for a rendezvous with a super-realistic sex doll approximating $110 per hour.

    On Tuesday, media reports had it that Turin officials conducted checks in one of the rooms in Via Onorato Vigliani and seized the sexbots as a “precautionary” measure after an inspection found their “sanitizing system” was “insufficient.”

    “Sequestration of the dolls, dispute of illegal activity of landlords with complaint for failure to communicate, in electronic form to the Authority of Public Security, the names of customers frequenting the premises, in addition to the administrative violation due to the lack of labels with indications on the materials,” the official website statement reads.

    Responding to the allegations included in last week’s press release, Lumidolls founder Sergi Prieto said, as cited by the Daily Star, that they expect the enterprise to go on to operate in the foreseeable future, although “at the moment the premises will remain closed until these bureaucratic details are resolved.”

    Sergi went on to denounce the information provided by the council as “false” that the closure is due to hygiene issues.

    “In that sense we always say the same thing.”

    “Hygiene in the establishment of LumiDolls is 100% guaranteed.”

    Addressing the question of the legality of Lumidolls’ operations in Turin, which has since Tuesday also been raised in media, he noted that although prostitution is formally illegal in Italy, there are no laws in the country regulating the use of sexbots.

    “Customers will have the option at Lumidolls Torino to have new sexual experiences in a safe and secure place,” he said.

    Sergi also noted in passing that the media coverage was much the same as when the company’s venue in Barcelona was shut down. Commenting on it, he stressed it had nothing to do with legal complications, but more likely, with his intention to deliver on “multiplied” demand by finding “a better place for the business.” Petri said earlier that that he was bringing the franchise to Italy to take advantage of "a big market that’s going to explode," stressing that due to the legal status of prostitution in the country, there was a pressing demand for sex robots bots and dolls.\

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    Prior to the opening of the Turin love palace, a spokesman for Lumidolls said that the venue, which offers uniquely “comfortable and tasteful premises,” was fully booked for “weeks ahead” with clients from across Italy expressing their interest in it.

    Lumidolls Turin boasts “unique services” and “totally new experiences” that will allow customers to “enjoy sexuality in a completely different way”.

    “Our vast experience in this field allows us to work at the best quality levels to offer you the most satisfactory experiences possible,” the company says on its website, adding that punters will be able to fulfil their boldest desires “down to the smallest details.”


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