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    Yazidi refugee Ashwaq Ta'lo told Sputnik that she decided to return to Iraq from Germany after twice encountering her former Daesh captor there

    German Prosecutors Want Yazidi Girl to Return to Help Find Her Daesh Captor

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    Earlier, 19-year-old Yazidi refugee Ashwaq Ta'lo told Sputnik that she'd decided to return to Iraq from Germany after twice encountering her former Daesh* captor there and losing hope that local police would do anything about it.

    Even though German federal prosecutors are taking seriously a claim by Yazidi girl  Ashwaq Ta'lo that she ran into her former Daesh captor twice in Germany, "the information [she provided] wasn't precise enough" to identify him, according to spokeswoman Frauke Koehler.

    "If we'd seen an opportunity to arrest someone, we would immediately have done so. If we get any further information to firm this [case] up, we will pursue this," she pointed out.

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    Koehler said that Ta'lo is legally entitled to return to Germany to help police detain her captor, allegedly called Abu Humam, adding that "our powers end at the German border."

    Koehler recalled that a couple of years ago, German prosecutors opened a special investigation into suspected war crimes committed by Daesh militants and that part of this probe is the killing of thousands of Yazidis by the jihadists in 2014.

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    Her remarks came after Ashwaq Ta'lo said in an interview with Sputnik that after she encountered her former Daesh captor twice in Germany, local police even came up with a picture of the perpetrator, but nevertheless were "doing nothing" about it.

    "Then I waited a month and a half. They didn't do anything," she told Sputnik, adding that she finally opted to return to Iraq, her home country, and that she will never go back to Germany, however dire the conditions become back home.

    The AP, in turn, cited Ta'lo as saying that she is not ready "to sacrifice my honor in Germany."

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    "If I was kidnapped or killed in Germany, who would find out who did that to me?" Ta'lo said.

    After Daesh militants captured Ta'lo in August 2014, she was and enslaved and abused by Abu Humam, whose real name was allegedly Mohammed Rashid, according to Ta'lo.

    She managed to escape from Daesh and arrive in Germany, where she said she encountered her tormentor in 2016 and again in February 2018 in the country's southwest.

    An extremely vulnerable group based in Iraq, the Yazidi Kurds are frequently reported to be captured, enslaved and sexually abused by Daesh. It prompted Germany to accept as many as 1,100 Yazidi women back in 2016 as refugees.

    *Daesh (ISIL, ISIS, Islamic State), a terrorist group banned in Russia


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