22:31 GMT16 February 2020
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    Over the past week in Munich, several daycares and kindergartens received written threats describing brutal ways in which the Muslim and Jewish children would be murdered.

    A total of 16 kindergartens and daycare centers in the capital city of the German state of Bavaria have been threatened with racist, anti-Semitic and inhumane letters, some of which had swastikas on them. According to a Munich police spokesman, Sven Müller, cited by the German newspaper Welt, 31 letters were sent this year, some in February. Letters were also addressed to media offices, church institutions, authorities and lawyers.

    In the menacing letters received by the daycare centers, someone who the magazine Focus had described as a madman, and presumably a Nazi, called Muslim and Jewish children "biological waste" and insulted children from Eastern European families, demanding that they be "[shot] right away." The person also threatened to poison children with candy, drive over boys and girls with a truck and attack kindergartens.

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    According to Focus, many of the parents who send their children to these daycare centers were frightened by the letters. One women admitted she feared for her daughter.

    "We simply made our child aware of not picking up any sweets found and not accepting anything from strangers. Not more," she told the media.
    The president of the Jewish Community of Munich, Charlotte Knobloch, cited by Welt, said, "I did not believe this myself at first: how a person can be so eaten by hatred that he sends letters full of brutal extermination fantasies to kindergartens." She expressed hope that the offender would be caught as soon as possible and then punished severely.

    According to the police, which has been analyzing the messages, it may be just one person sending the letters. The letters have been examined for fingerprints and DNA. Although the police have said that they see no "serious risk," they have sent patrols to the daycare centers.


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