18:01 GMT06 March 2021
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    Pressure is mounting for Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May to stand down following high profile political resignations from Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis over her latest Brexit plan, dubbed the Chequers agreement.

    In an attempt to head off a vote of no-confidence, the Prime Minister met with her party's backbench 1922 Committee; Theresa May's future depends on whether the Committee chair, MP Sir Graham Brady, receives letters from 48 MPs. According to party rules, a total of 48 Conservative MPs are required to trigger a no-confidence vote.

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    However the row within Theresa May's party centers on the idea that her softer Brexit plan and new customs plan doesn't fit the Vote Leave's referendum rhetoric promising to "take back control" from Brussels.

    Pressure is also building on Tory MPs to remain loyal to Theresa May while discussions with Brussels continue, meanwhile hard line Brexiteers are looking at a future without Mrs. May in it to pursue a tougher deal with the European Union.

    A new YouGov survey suggests the Prime Minister's handling of Brexit is losing her support among Conservative party members who voted to leave the EU but not by drastic measures.

    Only 20 percent of Tory members want Theresa May to resign immediately; 25 percent of leave voting members of the party want to to step down straight away.

    The survey which was carried out before the David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned cited Jacob Rees Mogg as the most popular contestant for leadership of the Tory party, followed jointly by Sajid Javid and Ruth Davidson.

    The current British government is engulfed in chaos with deep divisions running through the Tory party increasing the chances of no deal being agreed between Britain and EU when the UK leaves the EU next March.

    A "chaos" claimed by the UK's former Prime Minister David Cameron and current PM Theresa May that could only exist under a Labour government.

    "Choose Chaos"

    "Never forget this election is a choice. You can stick with the Conservatives, who've shown competence, who've shown a long-term economic plan that has turned the country round or you can put that at risk," former Prime Minister David Cameron said a speech to Tory activists ahead of the 2015 general election.

    "You can choose an economy that grows….or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband's Britain." Cameron said during another speech on his campaign trail in Chippenham.

    In 2017, Theresa May warned that Corbyn's "shambolic prospectus ducks all the difficult decisions we face as a country, threatening to bring chaos to Britain and selling future generations short."

    Meanwhile the Dutch parliament has unanimously approved a motion from their three Brexit rapporteurs asking the government to prepare for a no-deal Brexit "and the associated potential chaos."

    It appears Theresa May has opened up Pandora's Box unleashing the chaos the Conservative party warned would only happen under a Labour government.


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