07:28 GMT24 November 2020
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    The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to craft a compromise solution to Brexit, keeping the UK in the Customs Union but potentially taking it out of the Single Market.

    Senior European Union officials have reportedly confided to the UK press that they see the Labour Party's vision for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union as "unworkable," describing it as "cakeism" and accusing the Party of wanting to pick and choose which European institutions it continues to remain a member of.

    The officials reportedly took greatest issue with Labour's stance towards the Single Market which, under a Corbyn-led government Britain would either leave or seek to negotiate a new relationship along the lines of that existing between the EU and Norway which would retain full access for the UK but place curbs on immigration and the flow of capital.

    A putative future Labour government would reportedly keep Britain in the European Customs Union however, meaning that the UK would continue to be a part of and would negotiate its international trade deals along with the remaining 27 EU member states rather than striking its own independent relationships.

    Like the Conservatives however, the Labour Party has committed itself to restricting the free movement of people between Europe and Britain, violating one of the "four freedoms" which Brussels insists are non-negotiable for membership of its institutions.

    Mr. Corbyn, widely seen as a Eurosceptic, has had to balance between his support for the result of the June 2016 Brexit referendum and the majority of his MPs who backed the Remain campaign and have already attempted to remove him for not campaigning vigorously enough to maintain Britain's EU membership.     


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