20:40 GMT14 May 2021
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    Five different parties from Denmark believe that the move is necessary because the illegal cannabis trade plays into the hands of organized crime groups.

    Danish politicians from various parties have called for legalizing the sale of cannabis, The Local reported.

    According to the politicians, the police are wasting their time and resources on the struggle against the sale of marijuana, but are not achieving any results.

    "The current ban means that use and sale of cannabis is completely out of control in Denmark," Torsten Gejl, a representative of the Alternative Party said.

    "The problem with the current ban is that there's no age limit for buying cannabis. Nobody knows what's in the cannabis that criminal groups are selling, and biker gangs and other gangs are making billions from it," he added.

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    Danish politicians believe that the legalization of cannabis sales will have a positive impact on society. It also will deprive organized crime groups of levers of influence and huge profits, they say.

    The initiative to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana is being supported by five Danish parties: Alternative, the Red Green Alliance, the Socialist People's Party, the Social Liberal Party and Liberal Alliance. Their representatives are meeting on Monday to discuss the issue.


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