22:18 GMT16 January 2021
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    A Spanish senator who faces corruption charges claims that he has uncovered an NGO and lobbyist network in PACE that helps further the interests of George Soros. Non-government organizations with unclear functions, human rights, claims of corruption and the crisis in Catalonia – Sputnik delves into a potential European scandal.

    Pedro Agramunt, a member of the Spanish People’s Party, said that there is a whole lobbyist system working within the PACE, which caters to the interests of George Soros.

    According to the senator’s lawyers, one of the groups that brought up corruption accusations against Agramunt, the European Stability Initiative (ESI), is not just an NGO but also a lobbyist organization that is “listed in the lobbyist register of the European Commission and European Parliament.”

    Also, the head of the ESI, Gerald Knaus, allegedly maintains ties with Nicholas Whyte, the head of an organization called Independent Diplomacy, which was previously contacted by Catalan authorities and asked to help “internationalize the movement for Catalan independence.”

    Both the ESI and Independent Diplomacy are funded by the Foundation to Promote an Open Society – an organization backed by George Soros.

    Moreover, Russian nationals Yuri Dzhibladze and Olga Zakharova, who founded an NGO called the Civic Society Platform (CPS), are also allegedly connected both to Soros’s money and the Catalan independence movement, the senator’s team claims.

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    In October 2017 the CSP apparently worked in Catalonia just as the region held its independence referendum, with both Dzhibladze and Zakharova being invited by the World Organization Against Torture – a group aided by Soros.

    In Barcelona, Dzhibladze and Zakharova reportedly became acquainted with David Bondia, a Catalan independence proponent and head of the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia, which is affiliated with Open Society Europe, a Soros-backed NGO.

    As Senator Agramunt insists, the lobbyist network he uncovered "has orchestrated an international campaign aimed at discrediting and slandering my person through lies and falsehoods" and is comprised of "activists who have been supporting the independence attack in Spain."

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    Previously, George Soros had also been repeatedly blamed for providing financial backing to groups that oppose the UK’s impending withdrawal from the European Union.

    The billionaire has repeatedly used his Open Society Foundations NGO to donate heaps of funds to Best for Brexit, in addition to other similar groups. He’s been blamed for his attempts to interfere in democratic processes in order to align them with his personal agenda and business interests.

    He was also blamed for interfering in last month's Hungarian parliamentary elections, with Budapest claiming he had hired over 2,000 personnel to "meddle" in the election.


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