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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel leaves a plenary session of German parliament Bundestag in Berlin, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

    German MP on Lawsuit Against Merkel: 'If It's Successful, She'll Have to Resign'

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    As the German right-wing party "Alternative for Germany" (AfD) is suing the country's Chancellor Angela Merkel over a possible violation of the country's constitution, Sputnik discussed the issue with the party's MP and lawyer Stephan Brandner.

    The main goal of a lawsuit filed against German Chancellor Angela Merkel by the AfD party is to track down the decision-making process during the 2015 migration crisis and find out whether Merkel's actions were unconstitutional, German politician Stephan Brandner said.

    "First, we are asking the Federal Constitutional Court to determine that the German Bundestag had to participate in the decision about the opening. This decision is still valid: there are no border controls and still foreigners are coming to Germany every day. Secondly, we will request a committee of inquiry to find out what exactly happened in 2015," Brandner told Sputnik.

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    According to the politician, Merkel is responsible for the negative consequences of the migration crisis on German soil, with her open-doors policy toward migrants having been proven to be completely wrongheaded.

    "In fall 2015 it would have been the only solution to close the border. As far as we know it would have been possible, but no one, especially not Ms. Merkel, wanted to take the responsibility and was afraid of ‘unpleasant photos,'" the politician said.

    Commenting on the party's legal actions against the chancellor, Brandner said that it's possible that success could have tangible political consequences.

    "If this case ends up in a positive way for us, it will definitely change the world and Ms. Merkel will not be the chancellor any longer. She will have to resign very quickly," the politician concluded.

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    Earlier this month, the AfD filed a complaint against German Chancellor Angela Merkel in connection with the government's migration policy, which the right-wing party has repeatedly criticized.

    According to its members, when Merkel decided to keep the borders open for refugees in 2015, she violated the right of the Bundestag to participate in the decision-making process, and the party is demanding that the constitutionality of this move be verified.


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