13:05 GMT28 September 2020
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    UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been widely criticized by politicians and others in Britain for her poor handling of Brexit negotiations. Her proposal for a customs union partnership with the EU has been the main source of criticism in recent weeks.

    A major donor to the ruling UK Conservative Party called on PM May to resign today, insisting that she needs to be “replaced as soon as possible,” according to the Telegraph newspaper.

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    “We are three-nil down and it is half time. We are in the dressing room having half time oranges and the plan is to wait until we are six-nil down and hope for a miracle in injury time? It just resembles a Greek tragedy and it only ends when everyone is dead,” financier Jeremy Hosking said on Friday.

    Mr. Hosking has donated £375,000 (US$500,000 at the current GBP/USD exchange rate) to the Tories since 2015, emerging as a key donor with intraparty influence.

    He called for a change in strategy, warning that the government’s current approach is ineffective.

    “Mrs May has to be replaced as soon as possible. There needs to be an audit on the strategy – the strategy is not working. I feel like a bit like the story of the emperor’s new clothes – someone has got to say it – it ain’t working,” he added.

    The UK’s transition period with the EU – which aims to allow businesses to get acclimated to the changes in trading conditions – will expire at the very end of 2020.

    If the British government is unable to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal from the bloc by then, the UK could end up leaving the union without any trade deal with the EU in place, in what has been become known as a “hard Brexit ” scenario.

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    Risk of 'No Deal' Looms if No Progress on Brexit Talks Made in June – Reports
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