21:37 GMT03 August 2020
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    Theresa May’s plan for a post-Brexit “customs partnership” have hit a snag amid an angry backlash from party activists and rebels within her own Cabinet.

    Britain’s governing Conservatives risk losing their voters’ support if the govern goes ahead with a fictitious Brexit scenario, the Daily Telegraph reported, citing a letter from grassroots Tories who want Theresa May to restore the country’s sovereign rights.

    Party activists worry about amendments to the Brexit bill proposed by the House of Lords to put parliament in control of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and keep the country in the European single market.

    In a letter sent to the Daily Telegraph, activists warn May of the consequences of her actions if she, and her government, “fudges” Brexit.

    They claim that the Conservative party will lose the people’s trust if it fails to keep its promises and fails in the Brexit negotiations.

    “If the fudging of Brexit continues, the Conservatives will not be trusted for a generation, and the Lords risks dissolution. Those who voted to take back sovereign control will not remain silent. Theresa May and her Cabinet must deliver what they promised,” the letter warns.

    “The Prime Minister and the Lords will be playing with fire if they frustrate the will of the people. The confusion, possibly in the Prime Minister’s own mind, must be replaced by clarity.”

    Theresa May earlier said that even though she was against keeping Britain in the EU customs union, she would still like to have a customs deal with Brussels that would allow London to sign trade deals with individual countries at its own will.

    In another option, May proposed a simplified customs deal with the EU. Both initiatives have angered the proponents of a “hard” Brexit, and alienated some members if her own Cabinet.

    At least 12 of the Prime Minister’s 28 Cabinet members could oppose her plans – and some government sources say the total number could be as high as 15.

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    London and Brussels have been negotiating the terms of Britain’s exit since June 2017.

    Britain is expected to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, but London has been seeking a two-year transition period to smoothen out the exit, as well as guarantees of a future relationship with the bloc.


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