03:41 GMT22 June 2021
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    Want a puppy but don't want the hassle of picking up its poop? A cute robot puppy created in Japan could be the answer, however new owners will have to be patient.

    Dog-loving techies are fuelling demand for a robot puppy in Japan, outstripping supply, according to Sony, the creators of Aibo 2.0, Sony's "entertainment robot."

    Sony Japan first started selling the larger than life leg-lifting robo-pup at the beginning of 2018 and by April had shifted 11,111 pup however by May, the company had to admit it's supply line had fallen short of customer demand.

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    "Sony will further expand its production activities in the future and will work to ensure that aibo can be delivered to customers nationwide as soon as possible," Sony said in a statement.

    The "Aibo entertainment robot" costs US$1,800 plus US$900 for a three year subscription to a cloud service which is designed to keep teaching the young dog new tricks.

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