23:56 GMT09 May 2021
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    The poor state of Germany’s armed forces, the Bundeswehr, and Berlin’s failure to meet NATO’s defense spending target – two percent of GDP – have emerged as sources of criticism for the German Ministry of Defense and Minister Ursula von der Leyen herself.

    Deputy federal chairman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Georg Pazderski described the defense minister’s plans to rebuild the Bundeswehr after years of her failed policies as a “mockery” and said his party’s demands are finally being heard.

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    “It almost seems like a mockery when Minister Leyen, in the current situation and after years of total failure, now begins to demand more money for the German armed forces and wants to reposition our armed forces for national defense. The minister accepts the AfD’s demands to rebuild the Bundeswehr with extensive structural, personnel and material changes,” the AfD deputy federal chairman said in a party press release on May 4.

    “If she was a competent minister who had her department under control, a demand for more money would make sense. Von der Leyen is just the opposite.”

    Mr. Pazderski proceeded to outline her failures in running the ministry over the years, insisting that she has to answer to years of “chaos” and “bad investments,” among other policies which have “led the Bundeswehr being in the biggest crisis in its history.”

    He also warned that Germany is unable to “defend its territory” or meet its obligations to NATO, and warned that additional funding without a coherent strategy would not solve the military’s problems.

    “It is absurd and completely frivolous to simply demand more money and try to reposition the Bundeswehr without even the slightest idea of ​​a solution to the countless problems,” the AfD official added.

    Mr. Pazderski concluded by urging the minister to decide if she is suitable to serve in her post and insinuated that she should consider resigning.

    “If von der Leyen is not in a position to immediately present a sustainable and comprehensive strategy to restore the Bundeswehr's full operational readiness, she must finally realize that she is not the right person for this task."

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