08:55 GMT25 February 2021
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    The number one terrorist's bodyguard has been fighting for his right to stay in the country for almost decade and now not only can he live there, but he and his family also receive an allowance as refugees.

    Osama bin Laden's former bodyguard has been found among migrants in Germany, Alice Weidel, representative for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in the German parliament, said. According to her, Sami A. (his full name is not given) not only lives in the country with his wife and four children, who have German citizenship, but also receives an allowance of roughly 1,200 euros as a refugee. The AfD acquired the information as the result of an official request to the Nordrhein-Westfalen authorities.

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    Sami A. was appointed as a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, the former al-Qaeda* leader, between 1999 and 2000. He was been fighting for the right to remain in Germany with his family from 2006 until in 2017, the German court stated that returning to his homeland may result in Sami A.'s torture and prosecution.

    Osama bin Laden was the founder and leader of the notorious al-Qaeda terrorist organization, responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks. He was killed during a US operation in Pakistan in his own residence in 2011 and buried at sea.

    *Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization banned in Russia


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