17:17 GMT +323 January 2020
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    The ongoing Windrush Scandal has mired the UK government, particularly the Home Office, in controversy, with analysts, politicians and senior members of the civil service accusing the department of being racist.

    Labour's Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary Dawn Butler said UK Prime Minister Theresa May could personally be accused of racism due to her involvement in the setting of the Home Office’s Windrush generation immigration policy.

    "Yes. She is the leader that's presiding over legislation that's discriminating against a whole group of people who came from the Commonwealth, who suffered racism when they came over, the 'no blacks, no Irish, no dogs,'" the shadow minister and Labour MP said when asked by a Sky News presenter on April 22 if PM May could personally be accused of racism.

    "And now they're having to relive that trauma all over again because of Theresa May. She's not going to get let off the hook on this. And this has to be redressed as quickly as possible."

    She went on to call on the PM to take action and said an "apology is not good enough."

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    When asked to clarify her comments about Theresa May being a racist, she said "I'm saying that Theresa May has presided over racist legislation that has discriminated against a whole generation of people from the Commonwealth."

    The shadow minister subsequently explained how her policies are “delivering” institutional racism.

    "Her policies that she has implemented have disproportionately affected people from the Commonwealth and people of color and therefore if you look at what institutional racism is, that's what her policies are currently delivering."

    She later reaffirmed her accusations against the PM, tweeting "Sadly it is true."

    Many Brits took to social media to express their views on the latest developments in the scandal, with some calling on May to resign, while others criticized MP Butler for hurling such allegations when her own party is facing accusations of being anti-Semitic.

    If the UK had a properly functioning media, the pressure on May to resign over her cruel and racist policy that led to #Windrush scandal, would be so intense that she would have to go.

    In light of the Windrush Scandal – which has seen migrants who settled in the UK decades ago being asked to prove their immigration status and right to remain in Britain – the Home Office issued an apology and said the Windrush generation are highly valued members of society in the UK.

    The Windrush generation came from the Caribbean after World War II to help Britain with labor shortages and widespread damage caused to major cities throughout the country.

    Amber Rudd, the current home secretary, is facing calls to resign over her involvement in the scandal. The crisis marks yet another blow to May’s government and herself personally, particularly with her being singled out as a racist.

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