09:31 GMT10 May 2021
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    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK (226)

    In a statement released by London's Metropolitan Police Wednesday, Yulia Skripal stated that she is "still suffering with effects of the nerve agent" and that her father, Sergei Skripal, is "still seriously ill."

    "I was discharged from Salisbury District Hospital on the 9th April 2018. I was treated there with obvious clinical expertise and with such kindness that I have found I missed the staff immediately," Skripal stated. "I have left my father in their care, and he is still seriously ill. I too am still suffering with the effects of the nerve agent used against us."

    "I find myself in a totally different life than the ordinary one I left just over a month ago, and I am seeking to come to terms with my prospects, whilst also recovering from this attack on me," Skripal continued.

    She later indicated that she has "specially trained officers" keeping a watchful eye on her and  explaining to her the investigative process being undertaken.

    "I have access to friends and family, and I have been made aware of my specific contacts at the Russian Embassy who have kindly offered me their assistance in any way they can," she said. "At the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services, but if I change my mind, I know how to contact them."

    Acknowledging that she isn't up to the task of giving a full interview on the matter of her apparent poisoning in Salisbury last month, she urged others to not speak for her or her father.

    "I want to stress that no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves," Skripal said. "I thank my cousin Viktoria for her concern for us, but ask that she does not visit me or try to contact me for the time being. Her opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father's."

    The Skripals were found unconscious on a park bench on March 4, 2018, after the two were exposed to the A234 nerve agent in Salisbury, UK. Following the attack, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would be expelling 23 Russian diplomats, and blamed the incident on Russia. Several countries have since followed the UK and expelled Russian diplomats as a sign of "solidarity."

    Moscow has repeatedly denied the UK's accusation, noting that the UK has failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove their claims.

    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK (226)


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