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    The remains of a small boat flying European flags is burnt on a bonfire during a demonstration in Whitstable, southeast England on April 8, 2018 against the Brexit transition deal that would see Britain continue to adhere to the Common Fisheries Policy after formally leaving the EU

    Boat on Fire: Fishermen Protest Over Brexit Transition Deal (VIDEO)

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    British protesters set off orange flares and blew horns while torching boats in protest against Brussel's policy, according to the Express.

    The fishing community has been protesting in Whitstable, southeast England over the Brexit transition deal and the EU's common fisheries policy.

    "We're catching far less than half the fish than the British fleet should be, and we're operating under a crackpot set of regulations that could have only been designed by bureaucrats in Brussels," leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said.

    Farage attended the protests and said the British government had been "really weak-kneed" over the fishing policy.

    A small boat under an EU flag has been set on fire, with 14 other fishing vessels flying Britain's Union Jack and banners reading "Brexit Betrayal: Take Back Control Now" joining the protests.

    While the UK and the EU divorce discussions continue, London and Brussels have accepted a transition period after Britain officially leaves the bloc in March 2019, which will run until December 2020 and during which much of the relationship will continue to be the same.

    Many British fishermen feel deceived by this arrangement, arguing that they had been promised more fishing rights.

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    On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.

    London still has to go through months of negotiations with Brussels before it leaves for good.


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