09:50 GMT07 March 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - It is still difficult to predict how the forthcoming Hungarian parliamentary election will turn out, despite the fact the country's ruling Fidesz party is likely to win, albeit, without an absolute majority, а member of the European Parliament from Hungary told Sputnik on Saturday.

    On Sunday, the Hungarians will elect the new parliament. Since 2010, Fidesz, which is a conservative and right-wing populist party, holds the leading positions in the European country. At the moment the party has 114 lawmakers in the 199-seat parliament.

    "Most probably Fidesz will win the elections, but I have doubts that they are able to get the two-thirds majority this time. And I must point out, that never before so much uncertainty and difference was experienced among the predictions of the different polling institutes," Benedek Javor from the Egyutt party (Together – Party for a New Era) said.

    Speaking about the reasons behind the uncertainty, the politician said that there were a lot of people, who had not chosen yet the party to support.

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    The member of the European parliament noted that the opposition could contest the positions of Fidesz and predicted that the Jobbik party (Movement for a Better Hungary) could finish second.

    "This time the opposition makes the election a much sharper contest for the government, which is clearly signaled back by the bitter and aggressive tone of the governmental campaign. The second largest group in the Parliament most probably is going to be Jobbik," Javor said.

    Commenting on potential shift in the policy of Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the election, Javor expressed doubt that the head of the government would make any changes either to domestic or to the foreign policy.

    "There were some soft signs after the lost early [local] elections at [the town of] Hodmezovasarhely, that there could have been shift in the line and topics of the campaign, using more rational argumentation and tone, concentrating more on positive results, but very soon it was made clear, that there is no any turn on the steering wheel, and the same campaign, composed of anti-EU, anti-[US billionaire George] Soros, and anti-migrant… propaganda will be conducted," the politician said.

    According to the Egyutt politician, following the Sunday vote the country could face the continuation of a crackdown on migrants, NGOs and potentially "heavy attacks" against the Hungarian judicial system.

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    The parliamentary vote takes place in Hungary every four years. According to the electoral legislation of the European country adopted in 2014, 106 lawmakers are elected in individual constituencies and 93 lawmakers elected on national lists.


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