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    Refugees collect clothes, brought by residents of the neighborhood, outside the Schuttersveld Sports Centre designed as emergency shelter in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on October 9, 2015

    Over 75% of Dutch Citizens Favor Taking in Refugees - Poll

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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - More than three-quarters of Dutch believe that the country should take in refugees that flee military conflicts and persecution, a poll revealed on Tuesday.

    Some 8 percent opposed accepting refugees, while 15 percent had no clear opinion on the issue, the CBS poll indicated, as quoted by the Dutch News media outlet.

    At the same time, only 45 percent of respondents said that the arriving refugees posed no threat to the Dutch way of life, whereas 27 percent had the opposite point of view. One in five respondents believed that refugees were threatening public safety.

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    Men, people with a low level of education and those living in rural areas tend to be less ready to accept refugees, according to the survey.

    Last year some, 16,000 people and 14,000 family members arrived in the Netherlands with most of them having fled Syria or Eritrea. Many people also came from Turkey following mass persecution after the 2016 failed coup.

    In 2015, the European Union introduced a relocation quota system in response to the refugee crisis, as hundreds of thousands of migrants began fleeing to Europe from conflicts in their native North Africa and the Middle East. Under the scheme, the European Union had to relocate 120,000 migrants and refugees coming to Italy and Greece among the member states to help these two countries to ease their burden.

    The Netherlands committed to receiving 2,000 asylum seekers staying in Italy and Greece, stating later that it was ready to accept 7,000 refugees over two years, according to the government's website.


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