14:34 GMT27 November 2020
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    Europe's Refugee and Migrant Crisis (200)

    A fresh fundraising video by the newly-founded Alternative for Sweden, which models itself as a "repatriation party," is specifically aimed at the US and the millions of American voters who put Donald Trump in the White House.

    Alternative for Sweden (AfS), the newly-founded right-wing party, has launched an international fund-raising campaign to help finance its election campaign, directed at like-minded movements across the world, its press-release has said.

    AfS leader Gustav Kasselstrand described his party as an "up-and-comer in Swedish politics," which is why it was only natural for it to finance its election campaign using "new innovative ways."

    "Meanwhile, the state-funded establishment parties collect billions of taxpayers' money each year in a rigged system that effectively aims to exclude new political parties," Kasselstrand said.

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    He described the international fundraising campaign as a "call to action for patriots all over the world" to help AfS save "their beloved country" from the brink of complete chaos.

    The first video of the fundraising campaign targets the US, where millions of American voters, referred to as "the silent majority," "changed the course of the nation" by putting Donald Trump in charge. American votes for Trump are credited in the video with the victory over "a corrupt establishment" (with an image of Hillary Clinton superimposed).

    "Donald Trump was right when, during a joint press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister, he said that ‘immigration has certainly caused problems in Sweden,'" Kasselstrand said in the press-release, stressing his confidence that people all over the world will contribute to AfS's campaign and help enable its entry into the Swedish parliament in September 2018.

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    "Sweden was used to be one of the world's safest countries. The Swedish society was characterized by its strong unity and trust. That society is gone" the first fundraising video said, identifying the reasons as "mass immigration from the third world," "a poisonous political correctness" and "a corrupt establishment." Furthermore, Sweden was claimed to be "collapsing," and ethnic Swedes en route to becoming a minority in their own country.

    In the video, AfS claimed itself to have only one objective: "to stop the madness and save Sweden."

    The AfS was founded by breakaway members of the right-wing Sweden Democrats (SD) and is led by former Sweden Democratic Youth leader Gustav Kasselstrand, who left his mother party in 2015 alongside other mavericks, who believed SD wasn't radical enough.

    ​According to a survey by pollster Sentio carried out on behalf of AfS, 13 percent of Swedes are ready to vote for the newly-established party. Furthermore, almost 30 percent of SD voters were said to be ready to switch allegiance.

    Europe's Refugee and Migrant Crisis (200)


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