14:53 GMT25 January 2021
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    Skyguide, a company tasked with monitoring Swiss airspace, is currently examining photos of an object with a long brown tail that was spotted hovering over Switzerland's Lucerne on Wednesday, assuming it could be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and is currently examining the photos.

    On Wednesday, a mysterious object was spotted over Lucerne's Littau district, as in the evening a reporter from the Swiss news portal 20 Minuten looked out of her kitchen's window and spotted the mysterious object. She immediately pulled out her mobile phone and took a picture of it.

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    "The object with a tail just remained still in the sky, it did not move at all for two or three minutes. Then the object suddenly turned right and disappeared," the witness said.

    Surprisingly, a few minutes later, the strange phenomenon occurred again. This time, however, the woman didn't have much time to observe it.

    Skyguide's spokesperson Vladi Barrosa commented on the issue, saying that "in technical terminology, the phenomenon is considered to be a UFO, which means that the flying object is still unidentified. It does not mean that this object is a flying saucer, it is just an object in the sky that has not yet been identified."

    The air navigation service provider will continue to examine the phenomenon.


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