02:22 GMT +319 January 2020
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    Predrag and Nenad Paunovic, inventors in Serbia’s third largest city Niš, claim that they have created a unique wind-power generator that simultaneously produces energy from wind and light as well as allowing them to store the captured energy in a special battery.

    The Paunovic brothers reportedly worked on the technology for a decade and have come up with a testing model that is living up to expectations. The device apparently solves existing issues with traditional wind power generators.

    "The mast has 25 levels, and each of them can turn 360 degrees, so we can work with different directions of wind. The mast can also be equipped with various kinds of transmitters and be used as a site area for drones. It means investments can be promptly covered by selling not only electrical power but also other services," Nenad Paunovic told Sputnik.

    The 1,5 MW wind generator is fitted with a hundred turbines which significantly increases its reliability. The brothers calculate that some €4-4,5 million is required to build generators capable of producing 150 MW of energy.

    The Paunovics believe that their breakthrough technology could guarantee energy independence for Serbia as well as cut the cost of MWh for Serbian industries, from €60 to €30-40.

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    Ordinary wind generators indirectly threaten human health, as well as the wellbeing of birds and bats. In Spain, whirling windmill blades are reported to kill upwards of 60,000 birds annually. The inventors claim that, from that perspective, their invention is not hazardous to the health of living creatures.

    "Birds and bats feed on insects that threaten crops. If there are not enough birds and rats, agricultural products suppliers are forced to use more insecticides, or carcinogens that end up in our bodies through nutritional chain," Nenad Paunovic said.

    The inventors assert that it is important for them that their technology is used in Serbia.

    "Once, at a forum in Dallas, when we presented the technology of using ocean streams, we received an offer to stay in the US, but it was right after the bombardment of  [Yugoslavia], so we refused from patriotic considerations and returned to Serbia," they said.


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