• Anders Behring Breivik, makes a salute after arriving in the court room at a courthouse in Oslo, August 2012.
    09:50 16.02.2018

    Worst Killer in Norwegian History Breivik Claims He Has Remorse – Or Has He?

  • German flags wave in front of the Reichstag building, host of the German Federal Parliament Bundestag, in Berlin, Germany. (File)
    07:08 16.02.2018

    Deadlock Ends? Two Thirds of German Social Democrats Back Coalition – Poll

  • A woman walks into the head office of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada November 9, 2015
    06:07 16.02.2018

    WADA Suspends Accreditation of Romanian Anti-Doping Laboratory

  • UK border
    05:43 16.02.2018

    UK Business Leaders Propose Partial Customs Union With EU

  • Russian polar explorers start setting up SP-40 drifting station
    02:18 16.02.2018

    EU Ambassador: Arctic Sets Cornerstone Issues of Cooperation With Russia