10:41 GMT11 July 2020
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    The group is calling for a rational drug policy based on promoting responsible cannabis use, rather than repression and arrest.

    The Confederation of German Criminal Officers (BDK) has called for the legalization of cannabis, saying that its ban makes no sense.

    "The prohibition of cannabis has historically been arbitrary and until today it has been neither intelligent, nor purposeful," André Schulz, BDK's chairman, told German newspaper Das Bild.

    According to him, people have always been using drugs over the course of the history, and this is the reality that one has to live with.

    "In the history of mankind there has never been a society without the use of drugs; this is something that has to be accepted," Schulz stated.

    In the official's opinion, cannabis won't be banned in Germany for a long time.

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    Given that, the BDK calls for the "complete decriminalization of cannabis use," Schulz said.

    He also added that the current legal system is stigmatizing people and contributing to an increase in criminal activities.

    There are other ways to conduct a reasonable drug policy, instead of a repressive one. This includes learning to cope with responsible drug use, taking care of addicts and providing effective protection of minors and children, the official argued.

    At the same time, Schulz noted that cannabis consumption must remain a taboo for car drivers and motorcyclists.

    "For safety reasons, driving a motor vehicle must not take place in an alcoholic or any other intoxicated state," the official concluded.

    In March 2017, German authorities adopted a law whereby seriously ill patients are allowed to use medical marijuana for treatment.

    At the same time, planting or using marijuana for recreational purposes continues to be illegal all across the country.


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