04:34 GMT07 August 2020
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    If successful in the upcoming elections, Italy's center-right parties will form a government to pursue an independent foreign policy and normalize relations with Russia, an MP told Sputnik.

    Recent opinion polls suggest that the electoral chances of the right-wing parties are looking good with the polls promising them a hefty number of seats in both houses of parliament.

    In an interview with Sputnik Italy, Edmondo Cirielli, a Fratelli d’Italia MP and a member of the parliament’s foreign relations committee, poured scorn on the country’s left-wing government, whose economic and social policy he described as a complete failure.

    “Their handling of the migrant crisis has been a crying shame. They adopted a raft of laws which complicated the work of our law enforcement agencies and made life easier for criminals,” Cirielli said.

    He added that in foreign policy matters, the right-wingers will try to put the interests of Italy ahead of everything else and will listen to what people are saying.

    “We want to become a strong power again, especially where it comes to social economy, to stabilize relations between East and West, and normalize the situation in the Middle East. On the home front, we’ll focus on security and terrorism, illegal migration and border control. We’ll prevent migrants from reaching our shores and will send illegals back home,” he noted.

    He also prioritized efforts to reduce unemployment by encouraging private investments, slashing taxes and introducing a system of proportional taxation.

    “As for Russia, being patriots, we embrace the ideology of the United Russia party and Putin who, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall has managed to save Russia from a social, economic and political catastrophe. If we have a parliamentary majority, we’ll be demanding the lifting of the EU sanctions against Russia and will pursue an independent foreign policy again.”

    Edmondo Cirielli said that Fratelli d’Italia stakes its hopes on Georgia Meloni to become the country’s next prime minister.

    “We believe that the one who gets the most votes within the coalition should become prime minister. Let’s wait and see who the Italian people will vote for,” Edmondo Cirielli concluded.

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    According to the results of an Ixe poll commissioned by the Huffington Post, up to 35.7 percent of respondent said they would vote for Forza Italia, Lega Nord, Fratelli d’Italia and the former Christian Democrats, Noi con l’Italia – Udc, in the upcoming elections. This could give them 299 seats in the lower house of parliament and 153 seats in the Senate.

    Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the biggest winner of them all, with his Forza Italia party’s popularity boasting a 17.4 percent increase, which could effectively elevate him to the position of a coalition leader.


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