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    'We Want Apology': Notorious Italian Pedophile Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

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    Rodolfo Fiesoli has repeatedly been arrested for sexually abusing minors, which took place (allegedly for decades) in an agricultural cooperative called “Il Forteto,” which turned out to be a protected community for minors. In 2015 he was condemned to 17 years in prison, but did not spend a single day in prison.

    Seventy-six-year-old Rodolfo Fiesoli has finally been arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Despite being condemned several times – in 1985, 2000 and 2015 – the most notorious Italian pedophile, dubbed “The Prophet,” was inexplicably released, which meant that nothing could prevent him from proceeding with his heinous deeds at his own community. Forteto di Vicchio, established in 1977, aimed at “the recovery of minors in distress” and reportedly was funded by the government of Tuscany.

    On the surface, “Il Forteto” was an agricultural cooperative, which had gained worldwide fame for exporting Italian goods, but in fact for many years it had been hiding a cult where minors were sexually and psychologically abused.

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    Sergio Pietracito, the head of the Association of the Forteto Victims, has given some details of the story. He has expressed hopes that the officials, who have been turning a blind eye on constant sexual abuse in Forteto, would recognize the tragedy. According to Pietracito, the court found Fiesoli guilty on Christmas Eve and endorsed compensations to the victims. And while “The Prophet” will receive a real sentence, others, charged with complicity, will only be bound to pay the damages.

    “We want them to apologize. It is essential that Italian media finally begin to speak about the tragedy, as many nationals are not aware of the real situation, they do not read the court’s decisions and do not know whether such stories are true. The government should take care of those who have lived through these horrors, of kids whom the officials themselves have sent to that cult, where they were not allowed to be,” said Pietracito.

    “Il Forteto” has ruined the lives of thousands of children who were supposed to get psychological help there, but faced much bigger troubles.

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