17:22 GMT20 June 2021
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    Starting next year, Stockholm will introduce guidelines targeting advertisements it sees as offensive. If an advertisement on municipal property does not conform to the guidelines, authorities will mandate that it must be taken down within 24 hours.

    Stockholm's municipal traffic council chose on Thursday to introduce guidelines that will prohibit "sexist" and "racist" outdoor advertisements from being placed on property belonging to the municipality. While the regulations will first take effect next year, they will first be tested on digital advertisement displays and information boards, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

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    "As a city we have a great responsibility towards Stockholmers when it comes to the advertising that we let out placements for. We need to ensure that it is not hurtful or offensive in any way. One needs to feel that one can move around in public space without being met by sexist or racist advertisement," said Daniel Helldén, Green Party member and vice mayor for traffic, according to SVT.

    The municipal guidelines for outdoor advertisements will conform to those of the ombudsman for advertisement, but will add a provision to counteract racist messages, the Swedish broadcaster adds. Advertising that the Traffic Office deems to breach the regulations must be taken down within 24 hours.

    "When the guidelines are introduced, the greatest difference is that we will have the possibility to remove advertising that we think is wrong," Helldén said, according to SVT.

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