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    Cutting costs

    Tackling Brexit Expenses: UK to Flush Millions Countering "Disinformation"

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    As the United Kingdom prepares for its exit from the European Union in March 2019, British Prime Minister Theresa May will "welcome the unified approach to tackle threats and attempts of destabilization from other foreign powers like Russia."

    LONDON (Sputnik) — Theresa May will assure the European Union on Friday that her nation will continue playing a key role in its security as she warns about "destabilization" attempts coming from powers like Russia.

    "The UK may be leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe, and we are unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe’s security," May will say in a speech, excerpts of which were shared with Sputnik by her office.

    She is expected to speak about the potential that the 25-nation bloc, including the United Kingdom, should develop in Eastern Europe, specifically in Ukraine and Belarus.

    "There is a huge amount of potential in the Eastern neighbourhood that we should nurture and develop. But we must also be open-eyed to the actions of hostile states like Russia which threaten this potential and attempt to tear our collective strength apart," she will say.

    May will also praise "significant" economic and social advances in the region and will join the renewed commitments to work together to tackle corruption and foster economic growth.

    She will conclude her speech at the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels by reaffirming the UK’s commitment to spend 100 million pounds ($133 million) over five years in the Eastern Neighbourhood to "counter disinformation."


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