02:06 GMT20 September 2020
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    The EU and British authorities will soon reach an agreement that will guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and UK expats in EU.

    LONDON (Sputnik) — The EU and British authorities are closing on a pact that will guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and UK expats in EU countries, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday.

    "We are in touching distance of agreement. I know both sides will consider each other's proposals for finalising the agreement with an open mind. And with flexibility and creativity on both sides, I am confident that we can conclude discussions on citizens' rights in the coming weeks," she wrote in an open letter to EU citizens, as quoted by the ITV news channel.

    Post-Brexit rights both of UK citizens in the European Union and EU countries' citizens living in the United Kingdom became one of the main disputed issues at negotiations between the two parties. The European Union's initial offer suggested that all UK nationals residing in the bloc would be able to benefit from all the rights they currently enjoy, including the freedom of movement. In June, the UK government suggested that EU nationals residing in the United Kingdom would have to apply for "settled status." In July, media reported that UK nationals residing in the European Union might lose the right to move freely between EU member states or travel back and forth from the United Kingdom, unless London offers the same guarantees to the bloc's residents residing in the country.

    According to some media reports, EU citizens would be permitted to travel to the United Kingdom without visas after Brexit, but there would be a limited number of people who would be permitted to work in the country.


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