11:53 GMT30 November 2020
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    Spain declared the North Korean ambassador to the country persona non grata over Pyongyang's repeated refusals to stop its nuclear and missile programs.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The North Korean ambassador to Spain is not welcome there anymore, the country's foreign ministry announced on Monday.

    "The N. Korean ambassador was summoned today and was informed of the decision to consider him a persona non grata," the ministry said in a statement adding that the diplomat has to leave Spain by September 30.

    Spain has strongly condemned the latest launch of a ballistic missile carried out by North Korea in violation of the UN Security Council resolution.

    Spain is not the first country to declare North Korean diplomats persona non grata over nuclear tests. Earlier, Mexico gave the North Korean ambassador to the country 72 hours to leave. Peru also expelled Pyongyang's diplomat due to same reason, giving the ambassador only five days to leave. Following a request from Washington, Kuwait has decreed that the ambassador from North Korea must depart the Middle Eastern nation’s borders.

    DPRK has been under international pressure recently due to its nuclear arms programme. Pyongyang carried out its latest ballistic missile test on Friday, flying the missile over the territory of Japan at an altitude of about 800 kilometers (some 500 miles).

    On September 11, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution which imposes sanctions on North Korea, choking its textile exports, petroleum and refined petroleum products and the country's labor exports.

    But despite all the restricting measures, the North Korean government isn't going to stop though: the country's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un promised the Korea's People Army will continue refining its ballistic missile and nuclear deterrent capabilities until Pyongyang can fully match the power of the US military.


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