01:34 GMT08 August 2020
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    On Tuesday, May 5, the Danish government published a blacklist of six foreign preachers that it accuses of spreading hate. The list includes two evangelical pastors from America and five Muslims.

    The Danish Integration and Immigration Ministry released a statement saying that the blacklist "sends a clear signal that traveling fanatical religious preachers try to undermine our democracy and fundamental values of freedom and human rights are not welcome in Denmark." 

    The list includes two Saudis, a Syrian, one Canadian and two Americans. One of the Americans is the infamous pastor Terry Jones who recorded a video of himself burning the Quran. 

    "There's a matter of principles in saying that there are people we don't want on Danish soil, coming here and preaching hate. We do not want people here if they are coming to incite terror or to incite assault or violence against Jews and homosexuals," announced immigration minister Inger Stojberg.

    "There are too many people listening to these imams that this is to a great degree direct at… it is a clear matter of principles that says that it is these kind of people we don't want within our borders," ​Stojberg added.

    The bill to ban the radical preachers was approved in Parliament, and will last for at least two years. 

    Denmark has suffered its share of radicalization over the years.

    Undated file photo of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten headquarters in Åarhus Denmark
    © AP Photo / Polfoto/ Kaare Viemose, file
    Undated file photo of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten headquarters in Åarhus Denmark

    In 2015, a young Danish man of Palestinian origin who had allegedly been radicalized in prison killed two people in Copenhagen. Most notoriously in 2005, the Scandinavian country was the target of a smear campaign by Islamic radicals after Danish daily Jyllands-Posten printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. 

    Public concern over Islam and Muslim migration has skyrocketed in liberal Denmark. The EU-member state has enacted limits on immigration, citing security and cultural concerns. 


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