17:38 GMT22 February 2020
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    More and more EU residents are becoming disappointed with the politics of Brussels. The results of a survey conducted in eight European countries by the Berlin-based Policy Matters thinktank show that citizens of five EU countries predominantly associate EU membership with problems, rather than with advantages.

    These countries include the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands and France, Tagesspiegel's columnist Gerd Appenzeller wrote, referring to the survey.

    A study conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation also showed that 72 percent of Europeans are dissatisfied with the EU. The conclusion was made by experts after interviewing 12,000 people living in 28 EU member states.

    According to Appenzeller, one of the reasons behind this trend is growing unemployment. In his opinion, the consequences of globalization have resulted in the loss of jobs and increased employment competition due to the influx of labor migrants.

    "This is the reason why the Brits decided to leave the EU," the author noted.

    Moreover, in Appenzeller's opinion the euro as a common currency has failed to fulfill its initial task.

    "The common currency was supposed to be a peace-building element and a connecting link. But in fact, it has boosted the prosperity of the already prosperous industrial and commercial European nations, forced southern European states into a risky state debt under supposedly favorable conditions and deprived countries with less developed economies of the opportunity to remain competitive," the journalist wrote.

    Nevertheless, Appenzeller believes that EU countries shouldn't follow Britain's example and leave the Union, as it is the only chance for them to maintain their relevance on the international arena.

    "The dissatisfaction of people with the EU goes far beyond the British Isles. But without the EU, the member states would lose all their weight on the global political stage," Appenzeller wrote.


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