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    French National Front (FN) party presidential nominee Marine Le Pen can count on a large number of votes from supporters of defeated candidates in the second round of the election, Bruno Gollnish, a member of the European Parliament from the FN party, told Sputnik on Monday.

    PARIS (Sputnik) — French National Front (FN) party presidential nominee Marine Le Pen can count on a large number of votes from supporters of defeated candidates in the second round of the election, Bruno Gollnish, a member of the European Parliament from the FN party, told Sputnik on Monday.

    According to the preliminary results provided by the French Interior Ministry, Sunday's first round of the French presidential election ended with founder of En Marche! movement Emmanuel Macron leading with 24.01 percent of vote and Le Pen coming in second with 21.3 percent. According to the ministry, these results qualify both candidates for the May 7 run-off election.

    "The number of people who had voted for [The Republicans' nominee Francois] Fillon cling to the traditional values and do not want to witness the country being destroyed by the immigration. They are concerned with the escalation of the Islamic radicalism and that is why they will vote for Le Pen," Gollnish said.

    He also suggested that a number of voters supporting co-founder of France's Left Party Jean-Luc Melenchon "hated the dictatorship of capital and the European Union" and thus would also support Le Pen in the run-off.

    "That is why I am saying that we have a large reserve of votes in addition to those who had voted for minor politicians, they support us today," Gollnish stressed.

    According to the EU parliamentarian, the election results showed that the public was tired of the parties that had ruled France for 30 years, a sentiment that was reflected in the defeat of their nominees at Sunday's election.

    "The fight will be difficult, it is true, and our goal is to bring the country to its senses," the parliamentarian concluded.

    Earlier on Monday, Le Pen's campaign manager David Rachline said that the presidential hopeful might receive votes from supporters of such defeated candidates as Fillon, Melenchon and leader of right-wing Debout La France party Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Melenchon's associate Eric Coquerel however said that there would be "no vote for FN" from the leftist supporters.

    After conceding defeat on Sunday, Fillon called on his supporters to vote for Macron in the second round of the presidential election.


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